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Branch Hours:
9 AM - 6 PM (Drive Up & Lobby)
9 AM- 3 PM (Drive Up & Lobby)
9 AM - 6 PM (Drive Up & Lobby)
Th & Fri:
8 AM - 6 PM (Drive Up)
9 AM - 6 PM (Lobby)
9 AM - 1 PM (Drive Up & Lobby)
This Branch features two 24 Hour ATMs (one in the drive thru)

(518) 786 - 3687

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Stop into our Newton Plaza Branch, we are your hometown bank!

The mission of Trustco Bank is to be the low cost provider of high quality services to our customers in the communities we serve and return to our owners an above average return on their investment.

These days, many people are rediscovering the value of taking a conservative approach with their money. At Trustco Bank, we have been doing just that since 1902.

Through changing times, our commitment to careful financial management, high quality lending standards and following prudent investment practices has never wavered. Our focus has always been to provide our customers with community banking solutions that offer superior convenience, value and security.

In these uncertain times, now may be the time to come home to a hometown bank with a history of financial strength.