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A Healthy Alternative to Fast Food
Fast food is popular for a reason — it’s full of craveable things like sugar, saturated fat, and lots of salt. But even more than that, it’s affordable and easy to get quickly when life is hectic. For food that tastes good and is available fast, consider Bowled, a healthy alternative to fast food in Scotia, NY. The Bowled menu includes grain bowls, salad bowls, acai bowls, and smoothies that are available in virtually the same amount of time as a burger and fries but packed with a lot more nutrition.

Healthy Breakfast Bowls Skipping breakfast can lead to frantic food choices later in the day. To maintain blood sugar levels and stay alert, it’s best to start the day with a nutritious breakfast, such as a healthy breakfast bowl from Bowled. The tasty breakfast options include acai bowls, granola, and even waffles that will keep energy levels high all day long.
Açaí berry icon Açaí Bowls
The more people learn about the impact of what they eat on overall health and longevity, the more apparent it becomes that the right diet can make all the difference. Acai bowls, which include a frozen base of acai berries from South America, have been shown to potentially have a positive impact on cholesterol. Acai berries may help lower total and LDL (or “bad”) cholesterol levels, making an acai bowl a great choice for those who are seeking a more balanced diet to help with cholesterol issues.
Salad icon Salad Bowls
Not everyone gets excited about ordering a salad, but the truth is that salads can be delicious and completely craveable.
Having a salad for a meal is a fast and easy way to get most of the daily recommended servings of fruits and vegetables in just one salad bowl. Bowled lets diners choose their favorite ingredients, including walnuts, goat cheese, and cranberries, to create a salad that has tremendous flavor along with lots of vitamins.
Grain icon Grain Bowls
Although a salad that’s built on a bed of greens can pack a nutritious punch, sometimes it may leave a person feeling hungry. When hunger levels are a little bit stronger, consider a grain bowl for a meal. Bowled grain bowls can be piled high with just as many veggies as a salad but with the added carbohydrates and fiber provided by brown rice or quinoa.